I’m a software engineer focused on applied machine learning and data engineering.

I tackled projects in computational neuroscience, machine learning, computer linguistics, as well as distributed computation. I love all things data science.

I worked at the Mercator Research Group (Structure of Memory) on hippocampal functions. As a member of the Institute of Neuroinformatics (Computational Neuroscience), my research focused on feed-forward properties of the visual cortex in primates and avians. I graduated from Ruhr-University Bochum.

I am an outspoken advocate of personalized medicine, gene-editing, democratizing technology, and a moderate transhuman approach to policy-making. I’m a self-taught (ex) stock trader, recovering perfectionist, and psychology enthusiast.

Jenny Holzer’s Truisms keep me healthy at times.

A while back, I did a bit of photography.

I currently live in UTC+1 UTC+21.


You can find me on Github, on Twitter2, and on Hackernews2.

Want to chat? Feel free to email me.


Markow what?

The single best curse in life may being part of a Markov chain.

A Markov chain […] is a random process […]. It must possess a property that is usually characterized as «memorylessness»: the probability distribution of the next state depends only on the current state and not on the sequence of events that preceded it. […] 3

Markow [mɑ:kɒf] is the German transliteration of Andrey A. Markov’s surname.

  1. UTC+2 during daylight saving time ↩︎
  2. …mostly lurking ↩︎
  3. Markov Chain (Wikipedia) ↩︎